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Welcome to KitchenReviews, live an organic life!

These days the modern world has become full of chemical pollutants, and other toxic waste. Despite our “modern” society, we beat on this criteria by countries like India and Nepal, although they don’t have the same technology that we do their eating is healthier, their diets and thus they live longer healthier lives. But it is not entirely your fault. So here at KitchenReviews we aim to reveal how you can once again return to your organic healthy lifestyle. We will mainly cover food and kitchen related topics, why kitchen you ask? because what you surround yourself with is what you become. Fact. Therefore make your kitchen decorative and make your food healthy, don’t buy any of that canned stuff. Go straight for the home grown and fresh fruits and vegetables. The health benefits of this have been proving time and again, as of 2017, there are more than a 100 studies showing exactly how healthy it is to eat your own garden grown produce as opposed to buying genetically modified chemically sprayed food from a supermarket. Welcome to KitchenReviews I know it can be hard to do everything for yourself, but once you develop a system of grown, cultivating, cleaning, cutting and cooking your own food from scratch, you will never have to rely on a supermarket again. Once you do this you will start to see your energy levels rise and your general health and emotions to improve. We have seen this pattern almost every time from anyone who made the switch from supermarket to home grown. Also equally important is to have a very clean and tidy kitchen with the latest appliances because this in itself will give you a therapeutical benefit where you will be able to think better. Having a clean kitchen with the correct equipment is absolutely vital to living a healthy life. Scientists have proven that persons work environment can drastically affect their overall health. People who live in a bad work environment will always suffer from tardiness and lack of motivation, whereas if your kitchen has the latest knife set and top notch toaster you will feel motivated to cook. This will translate into all areas of your life. Trust me when I say, no one spends more time in any room of the house than the kitchen, and the bathroom if you have diarrhea 😉 but that is the point. Let me ask you this… how many times have you woken up at night and decided to have a little midnight “snack”… yep, you’re not alone this phenomena is common all over the western world. It’s because our dinner is so nonnutritious that we almost never feel full from our normal meals, and are constantly forced to eat more and more junk to quench the empty feeling. Now imagine that you cooked your own dinner, you dug the ground and planted a tomato seed, waited, for the 2 weeks (some plants can grow and bear fruit that fast). Picked them, took them inside to your clean organized kitchen, where you had a tomato crusher easily accessible right in front of you, and within minutes you made your own homemade tomato puree. Not a bad image is it? Compared to buying some who-knows-what-is-in-this-can supposed “tomato sauce”. Well, we hope you reach a point where you are fully self-sustainable.

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How to Use Waffle Maker

Let’s say you wake up on a weekend day and decide you want to have a special breakfast for you, or maybe even your family. You get out your old familiar box of pancake mix and realize you want something a little fancier, so you get out your grandmother’s waffle iron. Now you can have a special breakfast and everyone gets to pick out their favourite toppings. But have you ever wondered what else you can do with a waffle iron? Keep reading – we’ll tell you more. How to Use Waffle Maker Modern waffle irons cost about $20-$30 to start and can go up to $100 or more. They typically come with a non-stick coating on the inside which makes them easier to clean. It also means that food cooked in them is lower in fat. Summary of how to use Waffle Maker Get your batter ready to cook. Heat by starting the Waffle Maker. Don’t scratch the nonstick surface. Grease the waffle iron. Pour in the batter. Wait until the waffle is finished cooking. Carefully open up the clam shell and inspect the waffle. Time to clean-up! Finished. History of the waffle iron Waffle irons started out as metal racks attached to a handle that were put in the fireplace to cook the waffle. Many had lovely designs including coats of arms or religious symbols on them. Believe it or not, they date to the 1300s in Belgium – no kidding! This is why you will hear the term Belgian waffles – this now refers to waffles that are as much as an inch thick and that have deep pockets. Waffles came to America in the 1860s when Cornelius Swarthout took out a patent for a waffle iron that would be able to be used over a stove. The design kept the Belgian metal plates, but it added a hinge that let users turn the waffle over easily to cook the other side. The classic electric ones we know and love today were developed in the 1910s by General Electric. People started asking for decorative lids, and today there are people who collect the beautiful throwbacks to another time. You don’t have to butter the inside or even spray with cooking spray, and you don’t have to do any seasoning to get them ready to use, even though the pro models are made from cast iron. What else can a waffle iron do? You of course know and love the waffles they make, but have you ever thought about using them for sandwiches? They make a perfect panini press! You can also use a waffle iron for everything else you want for breakfast, like eggs. They cook nicely and evenly in a waffle iron. You can then turn them into a breakfast sandwich using waffles instead of English muffins. How about cooking bacon? They make for an ideal bacon cooker. Bacon cooks perfectly on both sides and the fat flows into the pockets in the base, ready for you to just drain it out. You might also want to make French toast in your waffle iron. All that cinnamony-eggy goodness cooks perfectly while the interior stays fluffy and light. Making shoes Yes, you read that correctly. Shoes were once made in a waffle iron, or more exactly, the soles were. University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman famously used his wife’s good waffle iron to make a new rubber sole for his athletes to use on their shoes. The track team was a success, and the waffle sole design launched a legendary athletic shoe and apparel company – Nike. Whether you want to start an international company or just have a complete breakfast, your waffle iron can do it all for you. You won’t look at that small appliance the same way again.

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Are Slow Cookers Safe to Leave Unattended

Now granted this isn’t exactly a necessary addition to an organically minded kitchen, still it can be very useful. Slow Cookers basically are meant for hard meats like beef or camel, yes I said camel. If you were to try and cook a sirloin steak on a pan you probably could, but when it comes to rump or rib or any of the harder meat parts then you’d find yourself waiting for hours before you got the inside part of it tender. This is where a slow-cooker comes in, you typically have a large pot like structure except you can close it from the top to build that pressure. Basically like a pressure cooker pot mix, sort of, kind of. Here’s a picture: Everything about Slow Cooker So there it is. This is one made for the home but you can also get industrial slow cookers which are much larger and look more intimidating. If you leave your meat in this, along with some vegetables, and some chicken stock and leave it to cook for 40 minutes to an hour you will find it turn into the most wonderful smelling and tasting beef broth you have ever eaten. How to use a Slow Cooker This is all thanks to the fact that when you cook beef slowly in a slow cooker, as opposed to frying it, you let all the real flavour and juices come out properly. And the meat basically dissolves into the water like a fine gravy. If that description had your mouth watering you should definitely get a slow cooker. Unlike traditional pressure cookers, you don’t need to turn the heat too high to get this thing working. This is gonna save you from heavy gas bills. Do slow cookers use a lot of electricity? So which type of slow cooker should you buy? Well, definitely not the industrial slow cooker. Not only is it too large it simply won’t fit in most kitchens. We don’t need to mention it would literally drain the whole house’s electricity supply. What you want to go for is a large, home slow cooker. Emphasis on the large since most slow cookers are best used in things like soups and broths, it is best to have them large in size because that kind of things is usually made in large portions. You want to buy it from a reputable brand, we suggest brands like West bend, Cuisine Art, and the one above in the picture is a crock pot. Get any color you want although black looks newer for longer since you can’t see the scratches and dirt marks easily on black. Which slow cookers are lead-free Once you have a slow cooker than what? So you finally bought one, now… USE IT! At first, it can seem a little daunting as most people don’t really use this device much. However, in parts of Asia, they are used constantly, to make rice to make soups. So be like Asians (unless you already are lol) and start to incorporate more meals in your diet routine that would be cooked in a slow cooker. Healthy Vegetable Soup Recipes Slow Cookers We suggest stews, broths, soups, boiled rice, not to mention all these things are actually REALLY healthy. Start to mix it up as well, a slow cooker is a great tool to use to experiment, you can add different vegetables and spice into the mix and see how the final product will turn out it is kind of like throwing ingredients in a hat shaking it and seeing what comes out. Just be careful you don’t create a Godzilla or something. What are some health hazards to watch out for in slow cookers? There is a simple one, don’t touch it on the outside when it’s cooking. These things are made of metal more often than not, if the inside is hot chances are so is the outside. Always use the handles on the side. Do not place them on the edge of the counter. You can imagine what would happen if it tipped over. Yes, not pretty. Always keep an eye on it and make sure you don’t forget about it, since it is a SLOW cooker many people are likely to just go do something else while it cooks, and in that time it will have burnt your food. This is bad for the food, AND the device as well. We hope this article has been helpful to you in learning about and buying a slow cooker!

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