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Tips for Making Kitchen Aesthetic and Useful

Assuming your kitchen has its basics covered, that is you have all the appliances, you have all the ingredients and all the cooking skills. Then you can start to focus on how you want it to look! Aesthetics plays a huge role in our lives especially in the 21st century.

People personalize everything, from phone covers to desktop backgrounds. Doing this really tells us a lot about the person, like what their personality is and that they are individual people. So if you haven’t already added a personal flare to your kitchen we suggest you get to it.

Tips for Kitchen Aesthetics

Where to begin for Kitchen Aesthetic?

One of the elements of aesthetics is shapes! That’s right one of the first things you can do to stand our from the crowd is to get rectangular eating plates. These are usually harder to find but boy does they make your food look good. They could make a sandwich look like fine french cuisine. You can also look for plates and dinner sets with different prints and variations in design that would suit your personality more.

What you can do to spice it up a little is add occasional items from another color. For example in the kitchen described above, you may want to add a red electric can opener, it’s subtle, but it will definitely create a contrast that will enhance the over all aesthetic appeal.

Following shapes is, of course, the next major element of aesthetics, and that is none other than color! yes, color combinations can make or break the look of your kitchen. Don’t confuse this with meaning colorful we certainly don’t condone a kitchen look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, au contraire, we suggest you pick a palate of color that will inspire both you and other visitors with one of a multiple of feelings.

Black for prestige, red for hunger, white for cleanliness. You can combine them or simply vary their shades. For example a grey counter top, combined with a black stove, and a white dinner set. This is all in the same scale of grey/black, which means the kitchen will look coherent and well planned, in other words, professional. And at the same time the different colours will inspire a range of emotions in the visitor/diner.

So now that you have colour and shape, what else remains. Just one thing. And that is… arrangement. Yep. Did you know that you could make a living room feel like a cabinet if you don’t pay attention to how you orient your furniture and other belongings. You can also make a cabinet feel like a bedroom if you DO pay attention to how you orient things.

Arrangement is key, and it is good to be mindful of this. Make sure that you place any chairs in the kitchen nice and close to the counter top. And make sure that your appliances are lined up against the wall, because if they are out on the counter not only does it look clumsy and awkward, but it takes up your working space.

We hope these tips have been helpful to you. We will be bringing you more quality content in the future!

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