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Top 5 Kitchen Design Tips!

When designing your new kitchen there are many considerations to take into account. In the hands of a bad designer, a perfectly good kitchen can be ruined instantly. So we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 tips when it comes to kitchen design.Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen Design Tips: Must Consider

1. It’s all about the lighting in Kitchen Design

Of course one of the major considerations when designing anything is aesthetics. Things have to look aesthetic, clean, spacious and alluring. And to do this you don’t necessarily have to have expensive equipment or tacky wallpaper. More than anything, the secret to an aesthetic looking kitchen is the lighting. You will want to have roof embedded light bulbs, since classic fluorescent bulbs are now out of fashion, get 2 or 3 24 watt energy savers and these will be your major lighting source.

These should be bright enough so you can see everything clearly, not only does this result in a brighter looking better feeling kitchen but also it makes looking at what you’re doing much easier. The last thing you want is to cut your finger under dim lighting. Besides these main lights, we recommend you add some smaller warm light bulbs right over the stove and sitting area.

This gives the kitchen a very warm authentic and hearty look. It is not complete without this look.

2. Make your kitchen spacious with Kitchen Design.

Remember to spread your kitchen out over a larger area. This has so many benefits you wouldn’t believe, of course, we are talking about doing this in the design phase if you have already designed it then there is not much you can do to change a clamped up kitchen. We will get to quick fixes in another article.

When you spread the kitchen area you get more room to move around and work, this makes it much more comfortable and inviting. Imagine a tight kitchen stacked with dirty dishes, does that feel appealing to you? Is that a place you’d want to go? No right. Exactly.

Apart from this when you spread your workspace it’s easier to maintain and looks more expensive than it actually is. So remember to make your kitchen as spacious as possible.

3. Don’t clutter it with dishes.

This is a given if you want a good kitchen you have to keep it clean and well maintained. If you want to avoid that dreaded pile of dirty dishes then we suggest that you don’t even keep that many dishes, to begin with. Some people over do it with five sets of plates and 20 different cups.

This is really not necessary, store those away in a nice storage place and only keep those dishes that you need. And if you have any extra food lying around the counter top, put it in a fridge or use the well known vacuum sealer reviews to buy new one. Too many times do people just leave their bread and butter out after making toast.

To solve this you really have to develop better habits but it’s not easy once you commit yourself. And trust me this will reflect positively on all other areas of your life.

4. Buy good appliances which matches Kitchen Design.

So often we find that people have amazing kitchen design, only to have a dinky old fridge… This is not good for the overall look of a kitchen.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, it just means be wary of how appliances will match with each other when someone sees them. You’ve all seen the designer kitchens in magazines, do you ever see one with a black fridge white toaster and red microwave? NO. It’s all color matched.

This simple fix can do wonders for your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.

5. Be different while choosing Kitchen Design.

Remember that personality and spirit always strike people more than impressiveness. So don’t be afraid to add your own twist to your kitchen, you might want to add a little cherry tomato pot in the window, or you might want to paint the walls lime green, this is not off limits.

It can be refreshing and even inspiring to create in this way. Dare to be unique and different, think of the designs you see in magazines each kitchen setting has a certain feel and aura, this was intended by the designers, do the same, but add your own unique twist.

With these tips, your kitchen is sure to keep you and your family happy and to make every onlooker look on with awe! 😉 if you have any suggestions of your own leave them in the comments we would love to hear from you.

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