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These days the modern world has become full of chemical pollutants, and other toxic waste. Despite our “modern” society, we beat on this criteria by countries like India and Nepal, although they don’t have the same technology that we do their eating is healthier, their diets and thus they live longer healthier lives. But it is not entirely your fault. So here at KitchenReviews we aim to reveal how you can once again return to your organic healthy lifestyle.

We will mainly cover food and kitchen related topics, why kitchen you ask? because what you surround yourself with is what you become. Fact. Therefore make your kitchen decorative and make your food healthy, don’t buy any of that canned stuff. Go straight for the home grown and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The health benefits of this have been proving time and again, as of 2017, there are more than a 100 studies showing exactly how healthy it is to eat your own garden grown produce as opposed to buying genetically modified chemically sprayed food from a supermarket.

Welcome to KitchenReviews

I know it can be hard to do everything for yourself, but once you develop a system of grown, cultivating, cleaning, cutting and cooking your own food from scratch, you will never have to rely on a supermarket again. Once you do this you will start to see your energy levels rise and your general health and emotions to improve. We have seen this pattern almost every time from anyone who made the switch from supermarket to home grown.

Also equally important is to have a very clean and tidy kitchen with the latest appliances because this in itself will give you a therapeutical benefit where you will be able to think better. Having a clean kitchen with the correct equipment is absolutely vital to living a healthy life.

Scientists have proven that persons work environment can drastically affect their overall health. People who live in a bad work environment will always suffer from tardiness and lack of motivation, whereas if your kitchen has the latest knife set and top notch toaster you will feel motivated to cook. This will translate into all areas of your life. Trust me when I say, no one spends more time in any room of the house than the kitchen, and the bathroom if you have diarrhea 😉 but that is the point.

Let me ask you this… how many times have you woken up at night and decided to have a little midnight “snack”… yep, you’re not alone this phenomena is common all over the western world. It’s because our dinner is so nonnutritious that we almost never feel full from our normal meals, and are constantly forced to eat more and more junk to quench the empty feeling.

Now imagine that you cooked your own dinner, you dug the ground and planted a tomato seed, waited, for the 2 weeks (some plants can grow and bear fruit that fast). Picked them, took them inside to your clean organized kitchen, where you had a tomato crusher easily accessible right in front of you, and within minutes you made your own homemade tomato puree. Not a bad image is it? Compared to buying some who-knows-what-is-in-this-can supposed “tomato sauce”. Well, we hope you reach a point where you are fully self-sustainable.

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